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One Gallon of Spanish Moss ~LIVE!~


10 per item plus $8.00 shipping - - Posted Aug 14, 2017

Harvested from my yard on Florida's Gulf Coast, the day you order it, this Spanish Moss is absolutely gorgeous with a light greenish gray color. It is soft and fluffy. I will hand pick the moss on the day you place your order and carefully hand-separate the moss, removing extraneous twigs, leaves and branches.

I will send you a one gallon sized ziploc bag full of live moss (approximately 10 oz. by weight, packaged) via USPS Priority Mail (2 day). The USPS-Produced Envelope measures 12-1/2" x 9-1/2"

Spanish Moss is an epiphyte which absorbs nutrients and water through its leaves from the air and rainfall. Spanish Moss, sometimes called "Grandfather's Graybeard" or "Florida Moss", is soft, graceful, eerie and beautiful all at the same time. A romantic symbol of the South, it is light greenish-silver after a rain, and grayish-silver at other times.

Despite its name, Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoidesand) is actually a rootless bromeliad--not a moss-- that gets moisture and nutrients from the air. You can let it hang from a basket (it's shown here with other air plants in photo #5). It can also be used for floral arrangements and a myriad of craft projects (see images 3 & 4)

What to expect upon arrival:
This is raw, natural, LIVING Spanish Moss. (It is not the same as the dried moss that you see in the craft stores. ) It is organic and not treated in any way. I send the moss misted so that it endures the shipment but it is IMPORTANT that you unpack the LIVE PLANTS from the package upon arrival.

Care: Soaking or misting with rain water is best. Distilled water is the next best option. (Tap water is sufficient but can hinder continued growth because of existing chlorine and minerals.) Attach moss to basket/hanging location loosely to allow proper airflow . Bunching it together will restrict oxygen needed for the plants survival.


Shipping cost via Priority Mail 2-Day envelope is $8.00 to all other continental US locations

Processing time

I will ship this item to you within 1-3 business days

Shipping Costs

You will have to pay $8.00 to cover the cost of shipping

Reviews of Andrea

Aug 23, 2017
Quick and easy! Shes very friendly as well. :)
Sep 11, 2017
The pendant is really awesome, I love it!! Andrea made it and sent it faster than I expected.
Sep 08, 2017
Fair deal! Fast service!
Sep 07, 2017
Thanks Andrea! This was great. Really got me thinking about resources for steampunk. Got my creative juices flowing, just like I wanted.
Logan provided unit of Sketch for Andrea
Sep 02, 2017
Great commission! Hedgehogs are so cute and fun to draw!
Cassie received unit of Snail Mail Pen Pal from Andrea
Aug 28, 2017
nice to meet you Andrea!
Aug 28, 2017
Andrea was fabulous to work with!
Elizabeth received unit of Snail Mail Pen Pal from Andrea
Aug 26, 2017
Andrea sent me a wonderful letter and is very friendly!!!
Jaime received unit of CUSTOM angel RESERVED for Jamie from Andrea
Aug 25, 2017
Amazingly beautiful woman. So great to work with!


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