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Underwater Carpet Grass


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Every aquarium needs some live plants to "liven" it up! 😉 and the most often neglected plant is the grass. A good carpet grass at the bottom can make a world of difference between aquariums and is an essential part of aquascaping. 🌿🌱 This plant is also known as Glossostigma Hemianthus Callitrichoides, and with a small patch of it, it will easily spread and cover up the floor of you aquarium. ❤️🐠 Plus fish will love it! And it is safe for most animals and isn't toxic. It does require something to latch onto, like sand or aquarium substrate. It's also important you put it in water as soon as you receive it, so that it doesn't dry out and die. 💦🍂 You'll have a super pretty aquarium in no time! Also the shopping cost is mainly because I ship this in small vials with water to keep the plant alive, so it ships as a small package. Otherwise the plant is very lightweight and fits in an envelope. Growing them from seeds also takes a while, and the process can be complicated. I grow them on moist coconut fiber in heavy humidity and lots of light for a couple of weeks, then move them underwater once they germinate. It then only takes a couple of weeks for them to spread out and cover the aquarium floor. I can also combine several units in a bigger container and make shipping cheaper.

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Dec 14, 2017
Evie provided me with the details and information I needed to make this gig go smoothly. Great communication, and fun to work with!


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