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A Font for Your Script


17 per unit Virtual OK

I would be honored to be a part of furthering your constructed language.

I will take the script of your language's writing system and make a font for it, so that you can type it on your computer (and have it in your books, on your website, or use it for a really epic message to a friend).

I have another Simbi service in which I make a script for your language, if you do not have one yet.

The font I make for your language will be released to the Public Domain, that blessed domain of which I am a loyal citizen.

The font will be in .otf or .ttf file format. If your writing system writes and reads from right to left, I will make it as a font for Hebrew or Arabic, and you can activate Hebrew or Arabic support for your keyboard to use it. With the font file I will send a key so that you can see what key types what symbol.

Training & Qualifications

I love writing systems, ciphers, symbols, and scripts. I have created more than twenty already, with more than that of ideas for them: folders fulls of papers in the other room. Not all of them even use letters. Two of them I have made into fonts, and I am working on an elaborate font depicted in the second picture in this service. I have also made a font that supports diacritics, Greek, and Hebrew.

Availability & Preferences

Tuesday through Friday, about 9:30 am through 5:00 pm

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Patrick

Bannister received unit of A Font for Your Script from Patrick
Mar 08, 2018
This is awesome, Above and Beyond, I am so happy with these results. The professionalism and empathy shared in the project really put me at ease and I... was so impressed. Thanks Buddy, you made my day, week and more
Kimberly provided package of Simbi Service-Request Matching for Patrick
Jan 01, 2023
It was very nice working with Patrick.
Samuel received Help with Gift from Patrick
Nov 02, 2022
Patrick is a really cool guy. I'm really enjoying my conversations with him about our writing and novels that we are both interested in.
Tristan received Help with What scares you the most poll. from Patrick
Oct 04, 2018
Thanks Patrick, your nightmares are very helpful with my research.
Cheryle received unit of A Recording of Your Poem from Patrick
Feb 10, 2018
Patrick , perfection. Thank you so much. Wow!
Bannister received unit of A Script for Your Language from Patrick
Dec 20, 2017
Very impressive, Patrick has managed to capture the concepts I gave him in a way that really brought it together. I look forward to working with him f...urthershow more
Inactive User
Inactive User received unit of A Script for Your Language from Patrick
May 29, 2017
He was extremely prompt and listened to my critiques. I ended up with a lovely looking script. Would absolutely work with again!
Feb 20, 2017
Patrick went above and beyond for me, writing me a list of names for my books.
Inactive User
Inactive User received Help with Haiku Time from Patrick
Feb 09, 2017
Patrick gave me a detailed and creative write up regarding my request.
Jan 23, 2017
Patrick was friendly and fast. Even though I couldn't get on for a few days he provided what he said he would.


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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Simbi seems an awesome way to skip oppression's red tape and get right into actually helping people.

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Simbi seems an awesome way to skip oppression's red tape and get right into actually helping people.

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Simbi seems an awesome way to skip oppression's red tape and get right into actually helping people.

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Simbi seems an awesome way to skip oppression's red tape and get right into actually helping people.
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Simbi seems an awesome way to skip oppression's red tape and get right into actually helping people.

About Patrick Lauser

I am a lover of Yahweh, and of all who love Yahweh, a purveyor of the strange things of our Maker. Your neighbour taking out their garbage on a different day than normal would be strange, which is ...obviously not what I'm talking about, so to specify I call the strange things I purvey using the term "OOM" (Of Our Maker). For a thing to be that kind of strange, to be an OOM, that thing must fall heavily enough in one or more arms of the OOMlich Hex, which are: Surreal Grotesque Sexual Symbolic Unpolished Textured The Surreal The closest thing to "OOMlich" in a more familiar word. Where fiction can express what history cannot, and fantasy can express what mere fiction cannot, the Surreal can express what mere fantasy cannot. The Grotesque The gruesome, horrifying, disturbing, ugly, these are right aims of an artist, as well as the beautiful and comforting. The Sexual Few things are as naturally, celestially, and deeply strange as sexual intercourse, and the intimacies which radiate from that perfect centre. The Symbolic The mystery of curious symbols, why people try to interpret dreams, why other languages are used in fictional magic, why languages and scripts in general are OOMlich in concept and aesthetic. The Unpolished Why a child's drawing, or movies from the late 1900s, are often OOMlich, and also one reason this rather ungainly hex is itself OOMlich. The cheesy, edgy, grunge, rough-cut, the attraction of things even oneself dislikes. The Textured Refers to an aspect in the other aspects: how repeating patterns are part of the surreal, how trypophobia stimuli are part of the grotesque, how multiplication (especially among prolific animals) into a teeming swarm is part of the sexual, how symbols in scripts form textures, and how the coarse and grainy is part of the unpolished. Let me know if you share my interests! I was curious and did some figuring, and I found out that if you take a series of 12 circles with an increasing number of points at equal intervals on their circumferences, the number of single-line, self-crossing star polygons (like the pentagram) that you can make on the twelve circles is also 12: 4 can make 1 star, 2 can make 2 stars, 1 can make 4 stars, and the smallest number of points that can make a star is 5 (the pentagram), and 5 of the circles cannot make a star. !show more

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