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Community Requests

Tess is requesting
Blender coaching
I need a Blender 2.8 or 2.9 coach who can help me through glitches in blender. Problems are probably due to me hitting the wrong key in ignorance or by accident (I prefer to use hot keys wherever p...

We need a more equitable economic system that encourages generosity and kindness. Maybe Simbi is it.
Starria is requesting
graphic artist for e book
i am looking for a graphic artist that has experience with e book covers.

I am excited to use simbi as I know it will give me contact with people I may not have met.
Melvin is requesting
Leave reviews on google.
I have helped so many people on Simbi over the past several years I have been here. I would love it for people to leave positive reviews on Google for me if you have the time. I can provide the ...

I am here to swap some skills I have for some things I need for my business or personal development.
Alison is requesting
Ukulele/Voice lessons
Hello community. I am trying to learn to play the ukulele. I just have some basic chords and would love a teacher. Thanks! If we are able to sync up, we can negotiate. I'm thinking weekly would be ...

This looks like the timebanking platform I've been dreaming of! Easy to use, nice looking, open.
Alwin is requesting
Join Amateur Radio Simbi Group
Come down to ham town!

Foreign Tourists Image Bank is requesting
We need someone to resize photos
Our website attempts to add new photo content as frequently as possible but but could use some help with more man/woman power to make the process quicker. We will send you a list of photo files tha...

There are a lot of people, small businesses, community groups, schools and the like that have limited resources and can't afford to hire photographers or even pay a lot for stock photos. This helps...
Bonny is requesting
Seeking Freelance Writers
Are you looking to build your freelance writing portfolio? Do you need credited work (attributed to you) on a website that isn't your own? Are you seeking mentorship and support from an established...

On Simbi, anyone can earn and spend like billionaires.
Lilly is requesting
Punjabi lessons
Hi! I am looking for Punjabi lessons. I am a complete beginner and I speak Portuguese (primary language) and English. I would start with one lesson to see if this is the next language I should lear...

It is awesome you can offer an ability in exchange for someone else's skills and service. Sometimes you give up on doing or accomplishing a goal because you can't pay for it. Now everyone can.
Rachel is requesting
Watch my presentation
I am here to help people escape the financial matrix. You may have felt the financial system is rigged. It is. You may have felt the financial system is taking advantage of you. It is. You ma...

This is an amazing way to barter. This also helps me to network with people in different places around the world. I feel that SImbi is a place where people can come together and really help out one...
Erin is requesting
Setting up homescale Laboratory
Hello I am looking to set up a home scale laboratory for bacteria testing for my small scale dairy and cheese making production. I am looking ideally for someone with a microbiology background or ...

I grow a huge portion of my own food and do a lot of my own food preparation - love to share & learn
Bradley is requesting
Help teach/learn 3d anamation
im looking at finding some one to joing me on a lesson quest to learn 3D animation (blender) the basics. or help teach me blender. i have found i work best with a partner or one on one training. ...

With more people on the internet each day i hope to see more sales and business growth.
Ben is requesting
Personalized posters based on quote
I'm looking for someone to make me (either digital or real) two posters with motivational quotes. I want them to be high quality that I can print and hang in my office, but I'm also looking for so...

I love the idea of a cash free, barter based system. I have done skills exchanges with my friends (swimming lessons for guitar lessons, etc) and now want to extend this idea further.
Shamanic Arts Center is requesting
Shamanic Art for Exhibition
This project is virtual & a physical exhibit of shamanic art for Traveling Shamans Camp in August each year. You will be allowed to sell prints or originals in the virtual gallery with no commissio...

To preserve shamanic culture by facilitating the exchange of oral & energetic shamanic practices.
Shamanic Arts Center is requesting
Artsteps expert to build exhibit
I'm seeking someone who can build an exhibition on Willing to pay high Simbi. Need a virtual exhibition for Traveling Shamans Camp.

To preserve shamanic culture by facilitating the exchange of oral & energetic shamanic practices.
Kim is requesting
New Global Coaches Collaborative!
I'm looking for other coaches in business, life, executive or leadership coaching who may like to get involved in an international coaches' collaborative, Coach Talk Cafe, that I joined at its ince...

I love the money-free exchange community that Simbi is! Why not give to receive?
kia is requesting
Project discussion, navigating cplx
I am looking for a person to walk-talk in the shoes of a project - the city nature challenge - to discuss, evaluate, syncretise and set in writing. Planning stages from idea to impact assessment, ...

symbiotic collaborations, power of connections, people's actions 4 collateral healing
Amos is requesting
Book Cover Artist
In need of a simple book cover design. You must be okay with atheist based/blasphemous content. The cover of the book must reflect the mockery of the Bible that is intended. If sample work could be...

This is the way service rendering should be.
Cam is requesting
Wanting a Saxophone lesson!
Just about to buy a new saxophone, I can already play careless whisper and am self taught, but would love some support and encouragement. I can trade life coaching, singing lessons, songwriting l...