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30-min consult with autism expert


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Welcome :)!

As you may or may not know, autism is prevalent in about 1 in every 100 individuals. Worldwide on a population of 7 billion that translates to 36 million. But what is being overlooked is that autism does not only affects the person itself but their loved ones almost just as much.

As a person with autism myself, currently building the solution to make the impact of autism something of the past, a portion of my devotion goes to helping people with autism by helping their loved ones.

With a holistic, inclusive, and self-reflecting approach I help anyone that asks me to help deal with the impairments of autism. I fervently believe that helping the surroundings of the person with autism to cope with what they struggle with and working towards solutions, over time, improvement will happen. Either in mood, motivation, cognitive capacity, executive capacity, expression, harmony, communication, or the very best, increase the quality of life!

Why go to me?
When you have exhausted all your solutions and are about to give up, that's where I come in. Of course, that's a little bit late, but I'm that beacon of hope for you. Enabling you to regain your vigor to keep going because every person with autism can be helped.

I have more than 25 years of experience with autism, in particular, because I also have autism and have surrounded myself with numerous people that also have autism. In combination with a high level of self-reflection, I can relate with a large group of people with autism on an emotional & intellectual level.

Alongside that, to explain how things work I make use of an online whiteboard. Visualizing the (thought) process enabling you to understand and connect the dots with blazing speed. And all of this, just for the sake to help all people with autism, in particular their loved ones.

Robert versus Professionals,

Big disclaimer, I am not a medical professional nor do I have any kind of license. I am not allowed to prescribe anything, nor do I wish to. Questions that only medical professionals are allowed to answer I will have to refrain from answering.

I combine more than 2 decades of textbook knowledge and field experience into solutions that work. No ego, no 'I have learned this'. It either works or it doesn't and only the party that the solutions are for can tell this.

You can come to me with any kind of question about autism, big or small. I will do my level best that after the conversation you will get better out.

Please reach out to me. I am willing to help out with consultancy on all of your autism questions.

Availability & Preferences

Widely available.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Robert

Green Earth Vision received package of Finding your Simbi candidate from Robert
May 16, 2023
thanks again!
Apr 18, 2023
Thanks a bundle, Robetr, for your expertise and diligence!
Mahapunya bought Simbi explained from Robert
Mar 12, 2023
I'll check it out soon. Thank you for your prompt reply.
Jayanika received Help with Endorse my skills on LinkedIn from Robert
Jan 31, 2023
I had good communication with him and a quick turnaround, so I highly recommend him for these kinds of tasks.
Jenn provided unit of Voice Over - Professional Materials for Robert
Jan 24, 2023
Thanks again Robert for another great set of work!
Dec 19, 2022
Thanks for the unique service idea!
Kimberly provided Help with John Carlson deal for Robert
Dec 19, 2022
It has been great working with Robert.
Kimberly provided Help with Brooke Bradford deal for Robert
Dec 15, 2022
It has been very nice working with Robert.
Jenn provided unit of Voice Over - Professional Materials for Robert
Dec 12, 2022
another great series with Robert - it's always great to go through the process of creating with him
Berna provided package of 3 hours/week of Virtual Assistance for Robert
Dec 04, 2022
My deal with Robert although it's a short one, he's a great person to work with....he's kind and understanding. Happy to help you in the future.


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About Robert Velhorst

A young man from the Netherlands who is a jack of all trades. What makes me stand out from others is my heavy emphasis on creating screen captures to convey clarity. I also employ a lot of tools that me to be productive, not forget anything, and be able to keep my word. Combined with my high levels of English I can deal with pretty much every request that is given to me. Though I suffer from multiple handicaps such as autism, migraine accompagneé, CPTSD, DSPD I try to make the best of my life because I believe every handicap can be overcome as long as you throw enough resources at it. To that extend I'm also developing a new way of helping people with autism called 'Lifecourse guidance' which should revolutionize how we help people with autism. Given my handicaps, my days are packed even if I mandatory lay down on the sofa a few hours per day. The time that is given to me I dedicate to going to my appointments, sports (Brasilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Pilates, Gym, Swimming & physiotherapy practice) ~ 4 hours a day, and building up my career. You can have a very good laugh with me, especially if you love puns. I am well-versed and have seen various parts of the world (albeit not enough in my opinion haha). Currently, I'm able to speak two languages fluently and I would like to up that 4 languages. Those would be Mandarin and Spanish. By doing so I would be able to speak with over 90% of the world population one way or another. I am very ambitious and my capacity is always slacking behind. But I'm working on it to get that more into more

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