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Crypto For Beginners Course

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I will invite you to our Crypto For Beginners courses, and Group so you can easily get your feet wet in the crypto world. It is critical you not get left behind, the whole mechanics of wealth is changing. Wealth is most basically understood as what you can get, with what you have. In our grandparents’ day, it was understood you should save your dollars. Get treasuries or CDs, save your money (money being U.S. Dollars). That has now changed with the advent of cryptocurrencies, and the inflation of dollars due to growing debt. We will make this abundantly clear with a basic example below. Remember, it’s about what you can get with what you have.

Last year, in October of 2020, Solana cost just under $3.00, so you could buy about 1 gallon of gas. Today you would get over 48 gallons of gas if you had put that $3.00 into Cardano. If you kept your $3.00 in dollars, you can get LESS than one gallon of gas.

Solana, as a smaller altcoin last year, surged more than others, so let us look at some other examples.

Let’s say you decided to save $1.60 last year, and at the time a loaf of bread cost $1.60, this year that loaf of bread costs $2.19, so you have lost almost about 30% of the value of your dollar. Also one year ago, the Cardano crypto coin was at .10 (ten cents), so the $1.60 bread would have cost you 16 Cardano.

Today Cardono is at $2.19, so instead of the bread costing me 16 Cardano it now only costs me 1. If I had saved the $1.60 last year by buying Cardano, I’d now be able to buy 16 loaves of bread, versus 2/3rds of a single loaf with the dollars I saved instead.

Do you see where this is going? It is a tremendous shift in the economics of preserving your wealth. If you don't start to understand crypto you will be left behind.

Training & Qualifications

I am a cryptocurrency expert, have designed our own blockchains, and launched my own charitable crypto token to support charities, and people. I have been working in technology for 30 years.

Availability & Preferences

9:00 am PST to 3:00 pm PST

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Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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