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Breathe Life into your Dreams

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1 value - Virtual OK - Posted Mar 22, 2017

Pause, breathe, take a moment! Gaze at the image in front of you .

Welcome this image to breathe new life into your dreams, as you breathe. Welcome this image to remind you to refresh your dreams, to remind you to dream, and to welcome your dreams, and dreamer"s dreams, for you, to be made manifest

Let this image be an invitation to remind yourself to breathe new life, new love, renewed inspiration into your dreams.

Take a moment and remember 3 dreams you wish to make manifest this year.

Invite breath to fill your dreaming with the light and love of creation. Bless your dreaming to return at the right moments when it is yours to do, to say, and to take action so that they may be made manifest. Welcome divine breath to bless your dreamer's dreams so that they may be realized in the right moment.

Training & Qualifications

I am a Dreamer, being Dreamed, Dreaming the great Dream. I am the Dreamer of the Dream, while being Dreamed. I am a Dream Weaver! I breathe, and remember that which fuels my dreams~ while the power of creation breathes life into and feeds my dreams.

I am the creator of "Sacred Remembrance~ Visionary Art". The mandala featured is one made by me, a few years back.

I am the creator of three very unique sets of mandala affirmation cards. Each set has 54 (3x3) round cards with mandala images on the front, and writing on the back. I use them in sacred counsel, for divination and for healing. I have also created hundreds of mandalas from photos I have taken along my life's path. Each mandala has a blessing that was created for it when the mandala came into existence.

I have refined the creation of my mandalas into a 3 fold process to make them come to life.

In Sanskrit, Mandala literally means circle/center. The most traditional mandala design utilizes the circle~ to symbolize the cosmos, and the square~ to symbolize the earth.

In Tibet this art form is honored as a deeply meditative ritual that emphasizes cosmic integration, spiritual initiation, and symbolizes differing levels of consciousness. It is now used in the west as a potent therapeutic, integrative art-form that enhances and deepens one's meditative state to achieve greater self reflection and Mystical exaltation.

It is my desire that each person who journeys with these mandalas will discover their teachings of inherent beauty, and wisdom.

Availability & Preferences

Enjoy the moment~ breathe, be still, and dream with me for a moment

Trading Preference: Pay it forward – pass on the good deed!

Reviews of Windi

Inactive User
Inactive User received unit of Breathe Life into your Dreams from Windi
Jun 15, 2017
Windi is very intuitive! I had asked her on a service recommendation, that she was able to quickly respond! I cannot wait to do more with her! Thank y...ou! show more
Burlingtina left review for Windi
Jan 16, 2018
I look forward to doing another deal with you soon!
Zach left review for Windi
Nov 16, 2017
Thanks Windi
Nadezhda received unit of Ask an Intuitive from Windi
Oct 21, 2017
I only had one short question and I got my answer quickly. Thank you so much, Windi!!
Pierre-Yves provided unit of Photo Mosaics for Windi
Oct 13, 2017
Thanks Windi for your patronage! It was great doing buisness with you!
Inactive User
Inactive User provided package of Ketogenic Lifestyle for Windi
Oct 10, 2017
It was a pleasure providing this service for Windi! She is really nice and easy to work with :)
Oct 10, 2017
Windi is great to work with.
Inactive User
Inactive User received unit of Your “Mayan Birth Glyph” reading from Windi
Oct 07, 2017
Very insightful reading with clear descriptions - cool info - nicely organized and in depth
Oct 06, 2017
Wow! What a rich reading from which I have and will continue to gather information and inspiration for my life! Windi is great! I got my reading abo...ut a week after the request and the information provided is much more than a week's worth of work! What Windi offers is worth far more than she asks!show more
Oct 02, 2017
Windy’s reading was thorough and informative, affirming many aspects of my experience in depth. Wonderful!


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About Windi Braden

I am an R.N. and intuitive medium~ aromatherapist, gifted intuitive healer and guide, energetic body practitioner, past life reader, spiritual midwife, death duola, licensed minister, credentialed tea...cher and sacred storyteller. I have over 35 years of experience in health, healing, intuitive counsel and guidance. I am aware that spirit called upon me this lifetime to offer healing to others through the divine art of "Sacred Re~Membrance". I was born intuitive and was asked to Remember when I was two. It was the voice of the Divine that I heard, a loving voice that said to me - "You need to Remember". I knew the voice was right! I have been asked to "Re~member" for the need of myself, and for the need of others, so that I would provide Sacred Counsel this lifetime. The voice/s have always guided me, opened my heart to receive and know, and deeply trust in the Great Mystery, the Sacred, the Divine~ whatever your word is for the creative source of God/dess. I came in as an Oracle this lifetime, and I am grateful to be of service in this way. I was given a gift, and it has become my offering, my call to service this lifetime. I am a sacred storyteller, revealer and healer of Spirit's history. I am empathic, and an intuitive from birth, who is able to open and guide others to heal the wounds/ traumas from this life and other lifetimes. I understand the archetypal play that we are all participating within, and intuit the commitments and contracts your soul made when you entered this lifetime. I facilitate and guide an individual's transformational journey through the conscious and unconscious realms~ and help each person to open to a deeper understanding of the greater meaning of their soul's journey this lifetime. I am a gifted somatic healer, and have deep understanding of the stories the body desires for us to hear, so that we might change and become our authentic and joyful selves. I have a deep appreciation and insight into the importance of neuro-linguistic patterning. I am able to help others to retrain their minds, re-pattern their lives, their thoughts, their beliefs, and emotions while reshaping neuroplasticity and helping to reform beliefs, and ways of Being! I am a spiritual midwife, and death duola. In order to truly change, we must be willing to release, and allow to die away the old that no longer serves us, so that we may be reborn anew, liberated into a new form of being, understanding, and living. I have developed and honed my skills with over 30 years of intensive study, and practice. I continue to grow and learn everyday. I am a credentialed teacher of the health sciences and nursing. I am a licensed RN, certified aromatherapist ~ and I am a Licensed Minister. I have been fortunate to put my skills to work helping others for 35 years as a medical intuitive, empath and energetic body medicine healer. The last 16 years I have had the pleasure of working full~time as an intuitive healer, both in person, and long distance~ via phone and more

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