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Boho Chic necklace


25 per item plus $3.00 shipping - - Posted Oct 11, 2017

Stunning Boho Chic style necklace - very light metal material painted in gray and turquoise with copper links. Adjustable chain to fit any neckline.

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Inactive User
Inactive User bought Boho Chic necklace from April
Dec 01, 2017
Awesome piece!
Sumeet received package of Empowering Quotes Flow from April
Jun 08, 2023
Liked the offering. Thanks for the empowering quotes.
La'Jasha provided unit of Vector Logo Design for April
Apr 24, 2023
April was professional and kind from the start. She provided a brief for her logo design which tremendously helped me understand the vision she wante...d to create. She is a joy to work with since she is patient and understanding. Please, do not hesitate to work with her. You will not be more
Edwin received package of Empowering Quotes Flow from April
Jul 04, 2022
Thanks April for your empowering quotes, it is indeed wonderfully arranged for inspiration.
Eileen provided hour of Bodymind Connection Coaching for April
Apr 10, 2022
A joy to work with! Great communicator with deep insights and a big heart. Highly recommended
Apr 07, 2022
Such a wonderful service! It's so great getting something nice in the mail instead of the usual bills & advertisements. :) & Reminds me of my days of ...having penpals when I was younger! show more
Iris Betts provided package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology for April
Apr 03, 2022
April looks deeply into her soul path and I honor her for this! Lovely to work with!
Christine received Help with Comments on YouTube from April
Apr 01, 2022
April is friendly, fast and very complimentary to anyone's business or creative endeavors. I appreciate all you do, thank you 😊
Jason received package of Empowering Quotes Flow from April
Apr 01, 2022
Really, really good list of quotes, big thanks
Inspiration Destination received Help with Posts for our inspirational page from April
Mar 30, 2022
Excellent work, really helps us out a lot.


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About April Sumner

Hi there! Here's a little about me... I am a force for love. I am the type of person whose impactful goals are aimed towards the highest good for all. I am the type of person that is alway...s finding ways to make things better, internally and externally. I seek to move everything towards its highest potential. Personal and spiritual development, and hiking are my main hobbies. My current study revolves around co-creating identity, living authentically in accordance with high values, and unconditional love. Much of my study in the past has been on ascension, emotional clearing and emotional mastery, energetic healing, happiness, human psychology, success, and the law of attraction. Some of my greatest teachers have been Louise Hay, Abraham/Esther Hicks, Tony Robbins, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Teal Swan. I split from the corporate world in 2019 and am open to freelance work. I'm on a soul journey, traveling as a full-time nomad since July 2021. I love to experience new things! Discovery and adventure are two of my favorite words! Qualifications: I am a Reiki Master II and a Oneness/Deeksha Blessing Giver. I am also certified as a yoga and meditation instructor, a life coach, and an independent trainer for the HeartMath Resilience Advantage Program. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations & Reviews Highlights on Simbi and LinkedIn: *April's offerings are very heartfelt, inspiring and unique. The conversation I shared with her was very connecting. She is enthusiastic and grateful to be part of a community of trade and sharing. An interaction with April is like taking a spoonful of pure light. I highly recommend you reach out to her, the results will introduce magic into your life. - Ryan Imhof *April is sweet and intuitive. It was refreshing working with someone confident in their own skin, who has been there done that, and made herself better for it. Any of Aprils services will only benefit you due to her natural, fluid, nurturing soul! - Raechel W. *April is super encouraging and personal. She mailed me a surprise and it was definitely the highlight of my week! I think everyone should sign up for her service, because who doesn’t love mail?? - Sarah Ryker *April is one of the most amazing people I know. Here are a few of the things I love about her: 1. She's a visionary. She's the kind of person who sees the world as one big playground of opportunity, and she plays in it all day. 2. She has magical powers. April has created her own planet and all that is in it, and everything that happens around her only happens because she wants it to. 3. She's addictive. Be careful. April loves to make people feel good. She's inspirational. She's motivating. She's energizing. 4. She has a big heart. I don't know how it fits in her little body, and I'm a bit concerned about potential health issues. - Mary Martin *Great advice and positive energy, reliable and trustworthy!:) - Calin *April is so nice, not many people take the time to say thank you and she went above and beyond. - Brian Weiss *My mom loved the surprise in the mail, and I loved seeing her smile about it despite stressful times lately. April has a knack for knowing what people will like! - Modwri *Made my day!!! The hand written letter was exactly what I needed after a long day of work! Not to mention the surprise inside bright me back to my childhood! #Recommended - Cameron *April offers great advice on living a Happy Life <3 - Jessica Crotty *I was beaming from ear to ear when I received the special, personalized mail from April. This is a marvelous idea for you to send to a loved one or to treat yourself to mail that will delight and inspire you! - Ryan Imhof *April was very nice to talk to and she gave me some awesome suggestions I would have never thought about otherwise! - Carolyn Jeanette *Absolutely wonderful person. She was excited about making three heartwarming surprises (one for me, and two for two of my friends) and when I received them, I was in love. She did a fantastic job. I love my surprise and I love the surprises for my friends. I can't wait to give them their surprises and see their expressions! - Sharon Mousel *April is great to communicate with. What she is doing will impact the next generation in a positive way. Thank you, April! - Choying H *You can take April’s professionalism to the bank. She can see improvements and solutions and knows how to turn them into actuality, against all odds. She is quite simply relentless in all that she does. - Hans Fielding *What sets April apart is her commitment to clarity and efficiency in every project that she takes on. She's a leader within her peer group, and considered a 'go-to' pro for difficult or tough assignments. While I worked with April she was always among the first picked for collaborative teams and always delivered. - Brian Mulford *An innovative change agent, she drove continuous business improvement which always focused on enhancing the customer experience and strengthening company financials. Often contributing several levels above her position, she is a leader, delivering significant, lasting impacts. She is flexible and able to apply her expertise to a wide variety of situations and challenges. April is a superstar; she will add value to any team. - Tommy Crenshaw *She has the ability to organize and present complex information and deliver high quality solutions. She is an invaluable source of information. She has excellent communication skills and is extremely dedicated to keep clients happy. I highly recommend April and would gladly work with her again in the future. - Frano Britvicshow more

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