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Community Requests

Sarah is requesting
Talking about life after abuse.
Smart people can still find themselves in unsafe, abusive, and traumatic situations. I'm a pretty smart cookie, but yet even I found myself in an abusive marriage. I want to talk to people ...

Ariel is requesting
Need a pro gofundme page written
I need someone who can professionally create a gofundme page with a long description and short video. I also need someone to promote it to real donors who actually care. This is literally a life or...

I am happy that we can work together on here the way things should be. People helping people! The bartering system really needs to be brought back! I love this site so far!
Teala is requesting
Help learning WordPress and getting
I have my domain and hosting but cannot for the life of me figure out how WordPress works. The goal is to set up a main page where participants can set up a profile and look at a calendar plus 13 s...

I am passionate about sharing our resources and alternatives to our capitalist model of consumption
Maria is requesting
Looking for help with PODIO
If you are familiar with PODIO, I would love to hear from you. I would like to import contacts and learn how to use Podio effectively to manage my workflows. This is per hour.

Simbi is a great platform where people around the world share skills and knowledge
Maria is requesting
Looking for help with HUBSPOT CRM
If you are familiar with HubSpot CRM , HubSpot sales etc., I would love to hear from you. I would like to import contacts and learn how to use HubSpot effectively. This is per hour.

Simbi is a great platform where people around the world share skills and knowledge
Breena is requesting
Review for my website
I need reviews for my website and hours with clients to gain certification. If you're fine with writing me 2-3 reviews for my site, google, and yelp after we work, I'm happy to trade for a hypnos...

Excited to connect with others and share my services with more people as I get certified.
Samuel is requesting
Living without a SSN
I was born in the United States and it is against my firmly held religious conviction to get a social security number. I've never had one. In my case, you can't get a bank account, debit card or cr...

I'm excited to connect and serve people as a Chatplain here on SIMBI. Ask Bible Questions or Prayer.
Morrighan is requesting
Rune Reading
I’m looking for a full Futhark/Norse rune reading. Will provide more details in my message box. Thanks!

I greatly appreciate the giving community and barter-based economy on this site. It fosters a virtual environment of gratitude and giving.
Paul is requesting
Coaches who use Tarot?
Hello - I'm looking for coaches who use tarot in their work with clients. I am starting my Masters dissertation at Oxford Brookes University and exploring this area. I could do with a chat with ...

This platform offers me a chance to try new approaches and new ideas with a community interested and invested in alternative approaches.
Cheryle is requesting
Help with Building Social Media
Hi I would be so grateful. I am currently working on building my social media pages for monetization. Thinking 300 for each 3000. Please let me know if you feel this fair. I need to reach 10000 for...

Simbi is a great website with easy accessibility & lots of beautiful talented individuals!
Cheryle is requesting
Help Marketing
I need someone who can help grow my social Media accounts. First account to 1000. I only need 80 more followers. On this account. Payment upon completion.

Simbi is a great website with easy accessibility & lots of beautiful talented individuals!
Sarvapati is requesting
Need a Dax 3D Expert...
Need the help of a Dax 3D expert/enthusiast to create original, 3D renditions of classic artwork for use in beta version of alternative reality game. Familiarization with the art of Leonardo Da Vin...

Simbi gives me a way to share my gifts. It's a higher market befitting a higher reality. _/|\_
Mercicit is requesting
Music Artist, producer and Director
Write, sing, direct songs about mercicit

An Avenue to network and exchange services globally
Raymond is requesting
Transfer WordPress files new domain
I need a WordPress pro to either transfer my files into a new domain name with my domain provider or work on renaming the existing domain to another domain name.

A great crowdsource of people with a variety of talent.
Christopher is requesting
Appraisal on an item
I am looking for someone to tell me what they think this piece might be worth. I have included photos with this request. To me it looks to be Korean. Small vases inside box painted with artwork on ...

I am creative and like to try new things. I am interested in using the barter system. Inflation may put the barter system back into play. It is great to interact with new people. Simbi is one of my...
Sean is requesting
Looking for exchanging sessions.
I am looking for Different types of healers, that would like to do a one sessions for one session exchange. I scan for negative entities and attachments. Clear them out. Remove earth bound curses...

I am excited to share Gods gifts that have been lent to me and to receive support from awesome ppl.
Ruby is requesting
General Trade for Services
We must have already spoken. Then this is the listing for the deal we have discussed.

Trading services is a beautiful thing.
Ruby is requesting
Music Career Concept
I was trained in opera and broadway at a young age, but never really had the chance to do anything with my talent. I am a soprano, but I can sing in a variety of ranges and styles. I am very drawn ...

Trading services is a beautiful thing.