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Community Requests

Watermelen is requesting
Discuss virtual reality products
Hey there, I am interested in your opinion on the various headsets and input devices that are available now in stores. I am wanting to chat or do a zoom call 🤙🏼 or another form of conversation like...

I am interested in what you have to offer and look forward to finding amazing things here on Simbi.c
Maren is requesting
Simple, clean digital art
hi, I'm working on a recipe binder for my partner's birthday, and I want some digital art I can print out and slide into the cover. I'm picturing a pot/cauldron with food around it, and electricity...

This place seems so fascinating! Alternative currencies and weird economies have always seemed cool to me. I have a lot of skills I want to offer, let's see if anyone is interested!
Joshua is requesting
Gory drawings
Looking for someone who can do gory drawings like decapitation, impaling, rotting...etc. if you're interested let me see samples. It's for a graphic novel.

Simbi seems like a good marketplace to trade services. I am excited to assist others and pay it forward. This site was in my inbox and I thought it was definitely worth a try. I have completed and ...
Metamimicry is requesting
Find us a research paper
We are looking for bioremediation research papers for constructing our digital library which can be found at Examples can be found there as well. Right now th...

To explore accessible biological solutions for our time’s most pressing environmental pollutants.
Jessa is requesting
Grow a garden for beginners
I’d like to start growing vegetables and fruits in my yard. The zone I’m in is 8a … I’m not sure what other info is needed but I do have a fox and raccoon and a few very healthy mice who I’ve seen ...

Simbi is an amazing way to connect with others and work together. I love this service! <3
Ludmil is requesting
Help with remote viewing
I am looking for someone experienced with remote viewing and telepathy to help me develop my psychic abilities

I can offer my skills to people
Amaya is requesting
Need Help With Social media
Hello I am needing help with removing my information off Google search for everyone to have access to it. I want to have a more discreet online profile where others cannot have such easy access. I ...

To expand my services to help others
Stephen is requesting
Marketing of SPADES Community
Need help marketing, getting out the word, about a new social and commercial networking platform built by peace-builders for charity and non-profit organizations that are helping those in need. Th...

Aïta is requesting
Let's discuss Economics News
Hello, everybody, I am looking for someone I can dialogue about economics, financial news. If you are interested hit me up :).

What a great community it is.
Sohaib is requesting
Video editing services
I am looking for someone who can edit me video according to the voiceover. Find free footages from internet according to the voiceovers and create a simple video.

It's a very good website for the people having some skills and want to display them to the World and also to keep polishing their skills and also earn through them. The most interesting feature in...
Jade is requesting
Drum Lessons
I'm a very beginner drummer who would love some lessons either virtually or IRL, I have a cheap drumkit and a neighbor who hates when I play. Please help me learn to make peace with my neighbor but...

reciprocity is natural!
Jason is requesting
Promote an ebook for a friend
I need someone to help me promote an ebook for a friend. This can be done on social media or in forums or whatever. The friend (I'm not going to mention gender) prefers to remain known by their pe...

Bartering services has been a tool that me and some friends have been using for years and it is nice to know the concept is now spreading.
Matt is requesting
Border UX palette for futuristic UI
I'm looking for 6 separate image files that can be used to tile user interface elements together. I'll need: A top left corner. A top right corner. A bottom left corner. A bottom right c...

Alternative economic models!
Annette is requesting
Co-write a film script
Hello I am Annette and its lovely to meet your acquaintance. I recently started writing again after so many years. Never been formally trained as a screenwriter and my work might seem a little rust...

It's a platform that connects me with a vast array of personalities for exchange of values.
Aïta is requesting
Mentoring: Women in Finance (IB)
Hello, I want to work in the Finance industry (especially IB). i was looking for a Mentor.

What a great community it is.
Abdoulatif is requesting
Job interview: Kira Talent Video
Hello, I am looking for someone that can help my daughter improve her interview skills. Now large firms are using Kira Talent.

Mark is requesting
Help filing documents with court
I'm looking for someone who knows court and legal documents and will help me prepare a petition to the court for an adjustment to parenting time with my children and child support.

Community. partnerships and friendships with people of common needs and interests.
Jade is requesting
Legal aid
I'm looking for someone to help with a neighbor dispute I've been having with our neighbor since March 2021. She is suing my housemates and I for playing music occasional under Nuisance and Outrage...

reciprocity is natural!